Smart technology captures the desert sun

Swedish engine power may be crucial for the transition from fossil fuels to more environmentally sustainable energy production. In the middle of the Chinese desert, Stirling engines from Cleanergy are transforming the rays of the sun into electricity. A robust automation solution contributes to the operational reliability of the solar power plant, while reporting tools from Beijer Electronics disclose everything regarding production and operational status.



The forces of nature make exceptional demands on sustainability on Cleanergy's solar electricity installations. Similar burdens are placed on systems for control and monitoring. They not only have to be robust and easy to use but also modular and scalable structured.


With products from Beijer Electronics, an effective central solution for monitoring and graphic visualization has been created. The solution continuously transfers operational information to an SQL database from which detailed reports are generated.


While providing full control over production, this solution is so flexible that the installations can easily be expanded. Automatic reports allow the operators, system managers and owners to follow production and operating status in detail.