Unmatched power and precision with Beijer Electronics frequency inverters


Discover the seamless expansion of our BFI family, now featuring two additional power sizes; 200 and 250 kW. These latest additions are designed for effortless wall mounting and offer enclosure options in IP20 or IP55, providing adaptability to your requirements.

Extending our coverage, the BFI family now spans an impressive power range from 0.4 kW to 250 kW, operating within a voltage range of 380-480VAC. Introducing the BFI-P2 version, crafted for demanding applications such as stone crushers, extruders and vessel propulsion, ensuring reliability in challenging environments.

Typical requirements for these applications are:

  • IP55 with 50°C ambient temperature without derating
  • 150% overload in 60 seconds
  • Highest level of conformal coated electronic boards
  • Marine certificates DNV/GL
  • All-in-one, EMC-filter, brake transistor and DC-choke included
  • Safe Torque Off, SIL2

BFI-H3 version is intended for Food & Beverage and Water Treatment applications containing pumps, compressors and fans:

  • Film capacitor technology gives:
    • Considerable improvement of energy efficiency
    • Reduced harmonic distorsion
  • Loaded with various HVAC functions
  • World leading open loop motor control of:
    • Induction motors
    • Permanent magnetic motors
    • Brushless DC motors
    • Synchronous reluctance motors

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