WebIQ 2.15 release: New version featuring new functions, security upgrade and LDAP connectivity


We are happy to introduce the new version of WebIQ. The continuous improvement of the software with multiple releases per year adds new features on a regular basis and enable us to implement customer feedback promptly.


Main features in WebIQ 2.15

  • Completely redesigned widget list in WebIQ Designer for better UX including a search function.
  • Keyboard shortcuts and new menu structure in WebIQ Designer.
  • Layout Manager: All item fields in the Configuration Cockpit now feature a suggest/autocomplete list for easier input.
  • Layout Manager: Redesigned CSS modifier dialog, IQ styles can now be copied and pasted on other widgets and converted into CSS code and much more.
  • Added LDAP support.
  • Security update.

Learn more about WebIQ here.

Download the new WebIQ version 2.15 here.