Introducing BoX2 base v2: The next-generation universal IIoT gateway


We are thrilled to announce the launch of BoX2 base v2, the successor to our widely adopted BoX2 base. This new generation gateway is engineered to bridge the gap between legacy operational technology (OT) equipment and modern information technology (IT) systems, serving as a versatile protocol converter and a robust PLC data collector and distributor.

What's new with BoX2 base v2?

  • Enhanced performance: Experience significant improvements in performance compared to the BoX2 base v1.
  • Expanded connectivity: With additional Ethernet and serial ports, your integration capabilities just got broader.
  • Boosted efficiency: Optimized for energy and operational efficiency, reducing costs and environmental impact.
  • Unified operating system: Upgraded to align with the OS of other X2 series variants, ensuring seamless integration.
  • Manufacturing-ready design: Tailored for manufacturing applications, built on the robust X2 base v2 HP platform.
  • Revamped electronics and mechanics: Featuring new internals housed in a durable plastic casing, maintaining our commitment to quality.
  • Certified for industrial use: Compliant with industrial standards to meet the demands of harsh environments.

Advanced features for modern industry needs

  • Protocol conversion: Effortlessly convert between various industrial protocols.
  • Cloud connectivity: Securely connect to the cloud for remote monitoring and control.
  • Integrated HMI and web Server: Manage your processes with an intuitive human-machine interface and web access.
  • Local data storage and management: Store critical data locally with database storage, alarm servers, data exchange, and reporting capabilities.
  • C# scripting support: Customize your applications with the power of C# scripting.

Built for the environment

  • IP20 protection: Designed to withstand industrial environments.
  • Wide operating temperature range: Reliable performance from -10°C to +50°C.

Upgrade to the BoX2 base v2 and empower your operations with the gateway that's built for the future.

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