Beijer Electronics and MA-IT are joining forces as technology partners


Beijer Electronics and MA-IT MyAutomation have signed an agreement, in which both parties have committed to enter a long-term collaboration as Technology Partners for the Dutch market. The partnership between Beijer and MA-IT is based on a shared vision to not only advise customers in regard to the features of WebIQ but also actively contribute to its implementation.

“Our experience has shown that developing software in close collaboration with customers is the fastest route to innovation. This approach allows customers to focus entirely on their core business while having software tailored precisely to their needs. This synergy enables us to provide customers from various sectors with comprehensive solutions for machine operation. From ROI analysis to WebIQ implementation and full after-sales support – enables us to truly speak of a complete solution” – says Aram Malas, managing director at MA-IT MyAutomation.

Previous joint efforts have already laid a solid foundation for this collaboration. After the acquisition of SMART HMI by Beijer Electronics, the search for a powerful partner for the Dutch market with national coverage and sufficient knowledge and skills to market the WebIQ software, led us to MA-IT MyAutomation as they employ 140 engineers with extensive experience in software and hardware in all sectors of the industry.

“The partnership with MA-IT allows us to reach a wide range of customers and provide them with expert advice and seamless implementation of WebIQ. The combination of our strengths will provide significant added value to the industry,” says Sander de Boer, Sales Manager Benelux, at Beijer Electronics.

WebIQ is an HMI system 100% based on web technology. This powerful software platform was built “from scratch” based solely on web standards such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Its extensive design capabilities take operating and monitoring of machines to the next level providing an unprecedented convenience for operators.

Developing a joint roadmap for the next two years demonstrates the serious commitment to bringing the world of web visualization and innovation to the Netherlands. By joining of forces, both parties are confident in their ability to ensure that WebIQ will fulfil the customers’ requirement. The endless possibilities of WebIQ's responsive user-interface support organizations to develop a modern, intuitive user experience for their product - or system - completely relieving them of all their worries.

The implementation of the roadmap therefore creates value for all stakeholders of products and systems from various sectors. Just as MA-IT's engineers are widely deployable, this also applies to Beijer Electronics’ product portfolio; one of the many points of similarities.

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